The Snake's den

It's currently 10:46 PM in late October. The campfire is blazing, as you gaze into its dancing, crimson flames, distracting your mind, as you ease yourself of all of oyur life's worries.

You dont feel the smooth, scaly surface brushing against your knee at first, but after the surface methodically sweeps your leg over and over again, you look down to see a petite snake look at you

It stares at you with its vanta-black eyes, marble in texture. And, to the suprise of you and logic itself, it starts to speak. "Hi there, would you like to sign my petition?"

If you ever find yourself in that exact situation, thats me. I am referencing the 2003 game, Postal 2. Feed me a marshmallow by the way, chump.

This website

Hello! My name is Dopo, and I'm the creator of this website. I created this because I wanted to have an archive where I can post all of my previous games/projects that I have worked on.

Most of the stuff on here is from when I was younger, so a lot of the older games on here are either extremely bad or... horibally aged.

Anywho, I hope you enjoy this website! Even though I used an HTML template, I did work hard on it.